Welcome to the boring world much like our own, where the ordinary takes center stage and the mundane holds its sway.  They have dull, monotonous lives that mirror themselves. Their days are filled with a never-ending cycle of repetition, and they all have the same emotion of being suffocated by boredom.

These frogs have learned to like being bored. However, they have finally realized that the only thing that can stop them from growing bored is MONEY.


Phase 1: Mint FINGERZ FROG: Vol.1 (Total Supply: 3,000)

Welcome to the launch of the FINGERZ FROG project! We're excited to introduce you to our exclusive collection of FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 in this phase. This is your chance to acquire a piece of digital art history from a collection of 3,000 precisely made-by-hand digital artworks.

Boring world brings life to our FINGERZ FROG project. Our team's creative genius is on display in these high-quality digital artworks, which have a resolution of 2000 by 2000 pixels.

Normal (50%) - They represent the essence of daily life. Their experiences are a reflection of the sighs and longings we all experience in everyday situations. They serve as evidence of the universal fact that there is beauty, even in the ordinary.

Medium (30%) - They offer a glimpse into the world of the uncommon within the ordinary. Their lives are devoid of excitement or curiosity, embracing the unique kind of boredom that is their existence.

Hard (10%) - Their stories are a testament to rare moments of profound monotony, where the mundane is celebrated for its very dullness.

Gold (7%) - They shine brightly in this world of monotony. Yet even having reached a level where even the most amazing experiences are sucked up by a constant sense of boredom, they nonetheless persist.

Rainbow (3%) - With them, rarity reaches its peak. These legendary frogs live in a world where terrible boredom permeates every aspect of existence and permeates every moment, even the most routine ones. Their extreme boredom radiates from within them like a rainbow on their skin.

Get ready to experience a world where the commonplace takes center stage and each NFT is a unique narrative of the uninteresting. Each of the 3,000 NFTs in FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 represents a different aspect of boredom, ranging from mild to intense, where even the most routine events are filled with boredom. 

FINGERZ FROG NFT Collection: Vol. 1











Baby Frog : Normal (30 NFTs) - Mirroring the moderate boredom of normal-rarity frogs.

Baby Frog : Medium (18 NFTs) - They offer a taste of more boring moments.

Baby Frog : Hard (6 NFTs) - Their colors vividly embodying the thrill of the boredom.

Baby Frog : Gold (4 NFTs) - They shine with the brilliance of unique boredom.

Baby Frog : Rainbow (2 NFTs) - Rarity reaches its pinnacle with the Rainbow Baby Frogs, offering glimpses into lives filled with platitude and mostly boredom.

Prepare to be enchanted by the rarest of the rare, the Baby Frogs, an exclusive trait within the FINGERZ FROG NFT Vol.1 collection. These tiny amphibian wonders, numbering only 60 out of the 3,000 NFTs (a mere 2%), are poised to captivate your heart and offer exclusive privileges to their fortunate owners.

Introducing the captivating Baby Frogs of FINGERZ FROG : Vol. 1


  • Mint on OpenSea.
  • Ethereum Network.
  • Total Supply 3,000 NFTs.
  • Resolution 2000 by 2000 pixels.

Allowlist (Ended)

  • Mint Date: 6:00 AM GMT on October 11, 2023 / 11:00 PM PDT on October 10, 2023.
  • Price: 0.008 ETH.

Pre-sale (Ended)

  • Mint Date: 6:00 AM GMT on October 12, 2023 11:00 PM PDT on October 11, 2023 or After Allowlist until sold out.
  • Price: 0.012 ETH.

The anticipation continues with Pre-sale! Engage with us on social media and through innovative challenges to obtain your FINGERZ FROG NFT for 0.012 ETH each. Share your love for FINGERZ FROG and show off your creative abilities to be a part of this phase.

Public Sale

  • Mint Date: 6:00 AM GMT on October 14, 2023 / 11:00 PM PDT on October 13, 2023.
  • Price: 0.02 ETH.

Our Public Sale phase is the big finale. This is your chance to purchase the FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 for 0.02 ETH each. Get ready to enter the universe of FINGERZ FROG and become a proud member and collector of this limited edition NFTs.


To thank our community and our early contributors, airdrops will be distributed at different points. To find out when we'll be giving away these thrilling surprises, keep a look out for our announcements.

Raffle Round 1

By minting your NFTs, you can join the FINGERZ FROG CLUB and take part in our raffle with different prize tiers based on the ranking of participants. When the public sale is sold out, this event begins within 1 week to honor our FINGERZ FROG CLUB. Here's the breakdown of the total prize pool for this scenario:

🥇1st Place: $250.

🥈2nd Place: $150.

🥉3rd Place: $90.

4th to 10th Places: $50 each.

11th to 20th Place: $40 each.

21st to 30th Place: $30 each.

We are helping animals with our $1,000 Charity Contribution to PETA

We believe in the power of art to inspire not only creativity but also positive change. That's why we're excited to announce our commitment to charity with a focus on supporting the remarkable work of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

For every 3 NFTs minted in our collection, we're contributing $1 to PETA's vital work in advocating for the ethical treatment of animals. Once all 3,000 NFTs have been sold, we'll be making a total contribution of $1,000. This contribution represents not only our commitment to art but also our commitment to creating a more compassionate world for all living beings. We believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and inspire positive change, and our donation is a tangible expression of that belief.



PETA's tireless dedication to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals aligns perfectly with our values. Their unwavering commitment to ending animal cruelty, raising awareness about animal rights, and promoting sustainable, cruelty-free living resonates deeply with our mission. PETA's global reach and impact are truly remarkable, making them an ideal partner for our charitable endeavors.

Phase 2: FINGERZ FROG Art Toy and Additional Products

Prepare for the second phase of the project! With our FINGERZ FROG Art Toy and a variety of intriguing goods, we are currently moving beyond the digital world and into the physical one.

Our FINGERZ FROG Art Toy is a hybrid of art and collectibles that was created to bring the distinctive characters of FINGERZ FROG into your physical world. We are pleased to offer a variety of products that honor the FINGERZ FROG universe in addition to the art toy. These products, which include apparel and accessories, are ideal for showing off your admiration for our imaginative works.

Phase 3: FINGERZ FROG: Vol.2 (Total Supply: 3,000)

Get ready for the next chapter of FINGERZ FROG as we enter Phase 3! A new collection of digital artworks is introduced in FINGERZ FROG: Vol.2. This collection will be included new components, designs, and themes to keep the collection interesting and unique.

Keep checking back for updates as we get ready to release the next volume of FINGERZ FROG NFTs. We are really excited to show you these fantastical works and we can't wait to show you.

Phase 4: FINGERZ FROG Art Toy and Additional Products: Vol. 2

The FINGERZ FROG Merchandises are back with Vol.2! Building on the success of our earlier merchandises, we're introducing a new range of products that reflect the expanding FINGERZ FROG universe, building on the popularity of our prior products.

From limited-edition collectible lines to innovative accessories, these merchandises are designed to resonate with fans and collectors who appreciate the whimsy and creativity that define FINGERZ FROG.

Phase 5: FINGERZ FROG Art Exhibitions

In Phase 5, we're taking FINGERZ FROG to the next level with Art Exhibitions! Our NFT project comes to life in physical spaces, including sculptures and digital art, so that you may really experience the awesomeness of FINGERZ FROG.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming art exhibitions, and get ready to experience the enchantment of FINGERZ FROG in a whole new way.

Phase 6 and beyond: Additional Information and Updates

Phase 5 of the voyage is not the conclusion; rather, Phase 6 of the journey is the most thrilling. Be prepared for ongoing FINGERZ FROG ecosystem upgrades and expansions. We stay steadfast in our dedication to development, innovation, and involvement in the community. Watch this space for further announcements, partnerships, interactive activities, and more.

Keep in mind that your adventure in the FINGERZ FROG world is only getting started as we move forward. Through each stage and update, the power of creation, imagination, and community will lead us and influence FINGERZ FROG's destiny.

The FINGERZ FROG project will continue to thrive and engage its fans and collectors with Phase 6's promise of continuous development and upgrades. It’s never ending.

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