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Not only NFTs, but ART as well, such as art toys, collectibles, and other goods, are included.

This is our roadmap for phases 1 through 6 in 2025.

The 3,000 Generative NFT Collection Public Sale is live!


Art Toy and Other Merchandises 


We go even more deeply into the enchanted world of our cherished, boredom-loving frogs in FINGERZ FROG Phase 2. This phase is all about bringing their whimsical charm into the physical realm.

Art Toys: Discover a charming selection of FINGERZ FROG art toys. Each one is painstakingly made to perfectly express our eccentric frogs. These collectible art toys are actually little works of art that may be used to kill boredom.

Merchandise: FINGERZ FROG apparel and accessories will enhance your sense of style. Our products let you proudly display your affection for these frogs, from cool t-shirts to entertaining accessories.

More to Come: Phase 2 is just the beginning. We have exciting plans for expanding our merchandises and exploring new creative avenues inspired by FINGERZ FROG.

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